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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Whose Valentine Day is It?

Valentine Day.
I have always wondered, Whats there in this day, that suddenly, even the most stupid articles transform into meaningful gifts?

Valentine's Day- Its a time for all. I dont know how much it matter to couples, who are actually in love. I guess more than them, its the Hotels, Restraunts, Malls, and the hawkers who make merry. Right from Roses to plastic toys; Most costly restraunt dinners to masala peanuts- Everything sells.

And how can i forget The SELF PROCLAIMED, "SAMAAJ KE THEKEDAAR" the political parties and yes Policemen. Even they wait for these days. Easy money and for some PUBLICITY. Right?

Sometime i felt, its a marketing gimick by ARCHIES to make these days so popular and make everyone feel that this is the only day to express LOVE. to a huge extent they have succeeded in their plans too. Revenues and strategies... wait where am i going?

Well, Sorry the last paragraph was inspired by the marketing person inside me.

Talking about me, I could not wait to propose to my love for V day. Actually i was too impatient for that. But i tried to celebrate as many V DAYS, as i Could, every year. just by saying "I LOVE YOU".
Trust me, as people say it as magical 3 words, its actually magical infact. Feel it and say it. Because these are the words which we should say the maximum times and we say it least.

Personally i used to select cards and gifts very carefully. First two visits were just preliminary visits to ARCHIES Gallery. Roses are must. bought at double the price on that day. No issues. Its a day to make merry.

So even I kept this affair on that day to minimum with Police and Political groups looking for a reason to thrash you. Afterall, i had other 364 days to celebrate my love.

Some people complain, Its destroying the culture of India. Perceptions , no complains. But, those who have these views they either dont have girlfriends or else They are too Old. and those who have girlfriends, god knows what excuse they give to their loved ones.
So dear you Oldies...
YOUR TIME IS UP and OUR TIME IS NOW... some more years and You will be off.

Well i have seen some great activists of parties throwing special parties to their friends and have their moments of love in the same evening. IRONY?

Now i see my parents wishing each other "HAPPY V DAY". they are traditional but if love is in air why not atleast wish each other. I dont know how many time they would have said to each other "I LOVE YOU". But what's great to see is, my dad sitting in kitchen every day(Almost everyday) when my mom prepares dinner. After all long tiring day, to listen to that street gossip of mom. I guess papa too have developed some flare and taste for her gossip by now. All these for 26 straight years.
Thats Love. Great going mom dad.

So even if words and day does not matter much. But is there any harm dedicating one day to LOVE?
I believe No...

Break ups , Patch up, Move on, Propose to, Crush, Infatuation, bio chemical reaction and the latest one- PHEROMONES.

Love actually- is... dont know what? But those who stick together, feel it one day within them for sure.

So i guess its the togetherness that counts. and i heard it from somewhere that more than a feeling its an ability... More you be with her, more you feel it. We the young generation- the smart generation will always get OPTIONS in Life.

So this valentines's day, Enjoy and say it Loud...

"I LOVE YOU... You are the one for me." its not always the cards and roses can speak for you. ITS YOU...

So HAPPY VALENTINE DAY... ALL THOSE WHO WAIT for this day. Baloon wallahs to MALLS.
and yes those who are in Love. Guys stick together.



  1. Bakwas, its just one more day used by today's youth to waste time and money. Lets work on this V-day. I am working, so should you.

  2. salo father day nd mother day toh yaad nai rehta....valentine day bada yaad rehta hai......hayn....

  3. No Wonder, amongst us, u were the first one to write on Valentine's day...