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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Resigning From JOB: the end or A NEW BEGINING

2.51 am, 28th Feb, 2010

People always say, there should always be one thing which can drive you Forever... I mean for a long long time. Forever seems to be a really really long term and a bit unrealistic too. (Yup!!! you guessed it wrong, bad experience with this term).

MBAs always say till you shift job for 3 4 imes u'll never know what job you want to do ACTUALLY. Many people generally earn money and lose life.

Why i am saying all this? I am resigning from job the day after tomorrow. Its been 6 months this time.

Reason: I am getting a much better job but still i am feeling that more than this financial and professional stability we need much more personal life ON TRACK. TRUE for many!!! I have always been lucky in terms of getting something at the right time in life.

I just hope this is not ''THE END'' of another chapter, with just a few learning carry forward to. Just hoping that this NEW JOB will get me the much needed DRIVE of my life...

I have always beleived in myself. and this new project is great too but keeping my fingers crossed. May be, It BECOMES ''THE NEW BEGINING'' I HAVE ALWAYS searched for.

Signing off... As an Employee, Tomorrow will Sign in, in a different system.

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