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Sunday, September 5, 2010

My Strange Competition

Do you have a girlfriend? And you sometimes feel jealous? Then this next part is just for you!!!

As like everyone, I too have a girlfriend. And I don’t see a reason that till now you haven’t gazed what’s coming? Yes, it’s the small story of me and my girlfriend. But, like all love stories which has bumpy rides, in this story too, has a few. And the part which I am telling you all, there’s this 3rd character between us.

Well let me start with some of my traits. I have never been possessive about so called ‘MY’ own things (I realized lately that there aren’t many things which I can say that I own). ‘Sharing’ was always the trait in me right from my childhood. In college days too, I was always considered to be generous.

Now you must be thinking that why I am making you read my character sketch!!!

Well, this is because I am going to tell you how all my characters of these 24 years zeroed down to nothing; when I experienced this (Stupid) character in my life.

Ok, though it is kind of embarrassing, I m penning down my emotions. After a very lovely 1st year of relation, I was happy. Well generally guys have a tendency to relax a bit after this 1st year. After all the hard work they do in 1st year of love, for their girlfriends; picking up, dropping home, and long shopping hours (most importantly without complaints and yes, with a smile). So, I think they (the guys) deserve a break. I too, like everyone else took a while… a BREAK!!!

But I have very little idea that my competition will come in this package.

Where should I start? I and my girl, we go to a chai wala tapri. Baidyanath Tea Stall. Almost every day!!! There’s this tapri, makes real good chai. There’s real crowd in the evening. People stand in mob just to have their cup of tea. Guys like me who generally come there with their girlfriends, stay back and order chai to the chaiwala kids.

It was one more routine day; a good conversation over a cuppa of tea was on with her. Just then a chai wala guy came with 2 glasses of tea for us. Like all other girls, my ‘lady love’ too gave a free smile to that kid. I still don’t understand this funda of giving free smiles to everyone and yes, let me clear before you start wondering, that she’s not an Air Hostess! She just showed him that we still have some tea left and won’t be taking another cup of tea. But I think it was kind of great feeling for that kid. Yes I know this girl has nice smile, free to everyone! Well, this seemingly harmful encounter has produced some strange sequence of instances.

Since then, there hasn’t been a single peaceful cup of tea at that Baidyanath Tea Stall. Every time, that kid sees ‘my Miss’, he almost comes running to her asking for the order. Yes I know great service at even a tea stall! But frankly I am complaining for the first time in my life for getting special and Exclusive service.

“Why do you smile looking at him every time you come here?” I asked, somehow hiding my strange jealousy.

“Common he’s just a kid.” She replied. She is good at understanding my feelings I guess!

“Ya, it’s fine. I was just… Yun hi, kaha.”

“Are you jealous of that kid? Common He’s Cute. And don’t worry I’ll not leave you for him.” She Smiled. And like always, no surprises for guessing, I lost this small verbal battle… again. And Wow! I mean, what a consolation I got. And Actually I got nothing to say! And suddenly the tea too, tasted a bit bitter!

After that many a times we’ve been there and saw that strange chemistry b/w that Sweet smile of ‘my love’ and boy’s eyes. And there’s this 3rd character, ‘ME’!

Now it’s been months, and life’s been busy! Not time to spend on that tea stall and those hours of sweet talks over just 2 cup of tea. Now Tea means, just 5 min break from project and get back to work asap.

Today, Sometimes I cross that tea stall, after work at late evenings! And I feel why on earth I ever felt jealous about a small kid. Yes, I know now, it’s a bit stupid! But, I love this next part. I remember all those discussions and smile in my own! I still remember the face of that kid. Sadly, still know him as ‘CHOTU’, never asked his real name. I feel good at least about one thing, in this whole sequence, that I love that girl so much that I could feel this rare emotion, jealous about a kid. That kid, ‘Chotu’, He was ‘MY STARNGE COMPETITION’.

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