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Thursday, January 28, 2010

The TOP 10 Advertisements... MY Favorite Ads

The AD-World.

I wonder sometime... hw these advertises have changed over the years and do they really have any value apart from awareness. Well i seriously doubt hw much is the return on investment on ads, where so much is spent on ads these days.

There was a time when every ad had girl featuring into it to increase the appeal to men. As the males were the decision makers and opinion leaders that time. Time changed and so does the themes, then the popular theme was relation based, mostly married young couples. And today every Advertise has Kids in it... Barring a few products where there is not any scope.

Well ads are everywhere now a days. Almost EverywhreBuldings, Rail, Buses, police barricades, roads, sky and even in toilets!!! But seriously guys, in toilets, there is maximum visibilty and recall value. Some1's listening???
There was a time when, the ads used to come people shuffle channels. Today the advertises have become much more interesting than the daily soaps. Strange but true.
may be I am a business student thats why i feel like that but there is no denying that the level has increased over the years.
So my friends here are some advertises which are top 10 on my list. and will be remembered for a long time.

The funniest ads on television by far. But the first slot goes to vodafone zoo zoo not only for this bt also how "product or service oriented" the ads are. The expression of the messages in the most correct way and with fun along with great consistency gives it the first spot for me.
Created by O and M.

Personally i dont like products of Bajaj much. but if i look back a theme which is very ordible till now is the "HAMARA BAJAJ"... Yes that 'buland bharat ki buland tasvir' wala.
Well but Bajaj's best ads came in last few years.

i. Bajaj 115 cc- HOODIBABA ad.
Launched in the first league match of INDIA in the world cup 2003. And the anticipation created was great. Lovely roads, and scenes of Lighthouse.
The bike was shown only in the match of IND-Pak in the quaterfinals i guess.

What to say, it was just a visual treat. Great stunts and picturisation.
the same theme was used for DTSi discover and Platina. The Bikes Playing Basketball.
It was portraying that even DTSi Discover and PLATINA belongs to big boys league.

iii. Discover 100 cc: 1 litre -100 km.
specially the shirdi ad and sanskrit ad. Its great aaplication with theme of 1l-100 km intact.

3. PIDILITE: Fevicol

Always very different and great appeal.
I am sure many of us remember the taglines even after 15 yrs today.
eg"Dum Laga k Haishaa", "Ye Fevicol ka majbut jod..."
and the ads of The Overloaded Bus and also the troublesome kid of rajasthani lady is just awesome.
The New addition to that is the MOONCHWALI ad.
All ads created by O and M. Great going O and M.

4. Tata SKy: Aamir Khan.
What to say. Aamir has acted so well in all ads that is a treat and no matter how many times i see it, i Laugh.
Ads of Aamir and Gul Panag are really well portrayed.

5. SBI Ads: The bet and the punishments.

These ads were so very good. Were just fun to watch...
i. Wife Counting "PAPADs"
ii. and the Employee going to office in Towel.

I was in graduation so did not understand the scheme part but yes it was very catchy.

All fun ads. 'No mind just enjoy' seems to be the theme.
i. The Funny Dance fight one.
ii. The ad of spicy communication of a girl and boy and that 'fire' wala flying kiss was great.
Also"Ghav Pe NAMAK" pe ad is also very good.

7. Cocacola:

i. Aamir Again. with the PAANCH avatar was great to see.
Specially in the Punjabi avatar"Ganne k khet me Tamatar kittho?"
Also the Contactor avatar,"Tere baap kitne hain".

ii.Again one more campaign , years later came as, "THANDA matlab CocaCOLA" was also gud.

iii. and recently launched ads"MOM's Khana is the best" and the Girl boy communicating in the library, silently, is also worth mentioning.

8. Incredible India Campaign : Its just fabulous.
I loved specially the part of fall in love with Monsoon in Kerela,"God's Own Country".
I dont know u saw it or not but i almost planned for my Honeymoon in KERELA... Guys are u listening?

And also the currently showcasing a foreign traveller travelling all parts of India is also good.

Over last 15 years Cadbury's Dairy Milk ads has been Awesome.
Specialy the ad"Kuch khas hai Jindagi me." yes yes, a armyman leaving his girfrnd and she was crying and then dairymilk made her dance in the most funny way possible in that printed funny type long skirt...
and one more ad where the girl dodges every1 and danced in the same way.

Again"Pappu paas ho gya " and "Kuch meetha ho jaye were also gud."

10. Save the FUEL:
The ads are all very effective and fun.
the ad where the Child says to his father that in Future he'll open a cycle repairing shop is also great. I dont know u do it or not but i turn of the engine of my bike at every signal....

Well these were the spl 10 companies whose ads have been great over aperiod of time and were effective.
Some more to mention eg.
ICICI, SURF"Daag ache hain" and TITAN "Be More" ads were also great.

I hope You liked it frnds!!!


  1. Good to see an article that m sure will appeal several people. Coming to advertisments, there is a point we have been missing out. In the very 1st para u say that a major chunk of money is spent on advertisements. Being a consumer I am not worried about the ROI that the companies look out for however the major point of concern here is that at the end of the day these costs are recovered from the consumer's pocket in some way or the other. Yet companies manage to make profit. Yes advertisements do create awareness but fierce competition has always resulted in escalation of the branding budgets.
    Might not be fruitful for every one but for handsome of the producers.
    Food for thought, isn't it?

    Keep posting!

  2. SBI Ads are just too great, even now-a-days running ad of SBI Life "Main jab hoga 60 saal ka aur tu 55 ki" is great, also that u have mentioned.

  3. Yes, I missed this one sidhu.
    The new ad is Just Lovely makes you laugh no matter how many times you see it.