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Monday, February 22, 2010


Its been great 24 years of life!!! I really dont know how many of us can say this honestly.

I am from family which is not very rich yet i have been always satisfied.

May be because i was born and brought up in a town where almost everyone has same status and same dreams too.

Today when i look back i see, i did not go to a restraunt till I was 14. Strange!!!

Saw Mercedes only in Newspaper Advertisements. To DREAM something you need to see, get attracted and get inpired. I had nothing as such so... So i was satisfied and got a tendency of getting satisfied pretty soon. So i guess I can say, Its been a great life because i have never been dissatisfied.

Now I have dreams and some real big ones... inching towards it slowly... i guess the journey of TOIL and Dissatisfaction has started. Still when when i see the dreams are much more driven by Financial goals. I dont if everyone has the same goals? May be I am trying to find satisfaction in them.

Today, trust me i dont know what i want. All I know is I am working to earn. Rest, Who the hell gets time to think about the rest. But still, the life, as always perceived is only JOB, WORK, CAREER? Do you too think this way, sometimes or I am the only fool trying to figure out where my Life's heading?

Off late I have realised, as long as there's UNCERTAINTY, we are full of feeling and emotions as if Uncertainty cooks the feeling in a PRESSURE COOKER. May be that's why these reality shows are becoming popular... As we grow up, the 'uncertainty factor' gradually dies down and the OBVIOUS part subtly creeps in.

I have heard, Life is a Gamble. Some Play and Some Watch. And Life takes CARE of everyone. Even of those who are not watching the gamble. Slowly but surely.

So, Still trying to figure out Who I am. May be a MBA by chance, A man with some dreams.

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