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Friday, April 22, 2011


The Perfect Kiss

Never felt this way before

Never ever was so unsure

Silly, it seems,

Every step I take

And Makes me Feel Stupid

With every move I make

That was my first kiss

The long silent walk is, what follows next

And ever increasing pounding of heart, in my chest

Perplexed I am, and she looked

Happily embarrassed

Her face tells the story

With sweet strange shy smiles, expressed

That was my first kiss

Today, Silence was the one

Who spoke the loudest,

And we two just heard him speak.

The breeze touched the face

And heartbeat too wasn’t giving up the chase

Steps were still slow

And the words uttered were ultralow.

Even I could not hear

What I said

Every sentence which came out

Wasn’t even near, what I meant

That was my first kiss

The feelings of the touch

Travelled to the soul

Saved in my heart and mind

To became the only goal

I had my perfect kiss

And had it every time you touched

It wasn’t about the moves

Just the feelings you touched

From the skin to the soul deep down

Sunil Chandra Saha

2.34 am, Apr 21st 2011

I Remember You...

remember you

I Do

More than you can ever do

I remember you

A lot, Yes I Do

In the missed morning calls
And in heavy walks in the malls
In the spicy panipuri stalls

And in the sweet chariot rumballs

In the gift and cards of Archies

And in the late night movies

I… I remember you

A lot, Yes I Do

Wishes and prayers which no one heard

And Silly Superstitions got smeared

In the empty halls of church

And Wedding bells, I still wondered

And then, I remember you

Yes, I Do

Life goes on

Without disturbing the sleeping heart

And the endless wait

All dreams… just fell apart

And then, I remember you

Yes, I Do

More than you can ever do

I Do

Sunil Chandra Saha

12.37 am

Apr 20, 2011

Why I Love You

Why I Love you!!!

I ask myself…

What is it, I want the most?

Love; I guess, the most

In this run of Life

And…In the race of being the first one, who reaches

A simple walk with You, will do

In the complications of life

And…In the tangles of manipulated preaches

A silent morning coffee, with You, will do

In the moments of success and glories of life

And…The Disheartening Losses

A passionate kiss, will do

In the mix of relations and rituals of life

And… the functions and celebrations

Just a hug of joy, from You, will do

I get surprised!

How can you touch the strings…

Of my soul, deep down, with so much ease!!!

Some days u made a music and made me sing

Some day u broke it, and made me cry

It’s all so silly… Yes it is!!!

And yes it’s as difficult to tell, as to feel

But it’s all so simple for me…

Never You could know,

And never you can…

What this simple “Will Do” makes me feel…

Just makes me feel Alive

That’s why

I ask myself… again

What is it, I want the most?

… Love; I am Sure, the most

That’s how I love you…

---- By

Sunil Chandra Saha

2.00am, 8th Apr