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Friday, April 22, 2011

Why I Love You

Why I Love you!!!

I ask myself…

What is it, I want the most?

Love; I guess, the most

In this run of Life

And…In the race of being the first one, who reaches

A simple walk with You, will do

In the complications of life

And…In the tangles of manipulated preaches

A silent morning coffee, with You, will do

In the moments of success and glories of life

And…The Disheartening Losses

A passionate kiss, will do

In the mix of relations and rituals of life

And… the functions and celebrations

Just a hug of joy, from You, will do

I get surprised!

How can you touch the strings…

Of my soul, deep down, with so much ease!!!

Some days u made a music and made me sing

Some day u broke it, and made me cry

It’s all so silly… Yes it is!!!

And yes it’s as difficult to tell, as to feel

But it’s all so simple for me…

Never You could know,

And never you can…

What this simple “Will Do” makes me feel…

Just makes me feel Alive

That’s why

I ask myself… again

What is it, I want the most?

… Love; I am Sure, the most

That’s how I love you…

---- By

Sunil Chandra Saha

2.00am, 8th Apr

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